Thursday, October 10, 2013

It feels discriminating when people say...that because a person has a disability...they don’t have any abilities

We are never too old to stop learning, and with this being said I would like to give you much to think on and act on. When you go to the doctor how much thought goes in to what you are going to wear or how you are going to look? Do you apply your makeup same as always or do you wear large hoop earrings and tight jeans?

The more I think about it feels discriminating when people say or you know they think that because a person has a disability they don’t have any abilities.

The Disability is permanent and incurable but with many we take medication to monitor our pain and improve our quality of life. We have both good days and bad days and believe me on a good day when I have the ability I will get things done   while I feel good I want to look good doing it.

When I am having a good day I like do dress nice wear makeup and jewelry even if I am in pain or hurting like hell inside. The sad thing is that I believe 90% of people...even the educated are visual and judge mental.

They look at a person and judge by the outer appearance, clothing, makeup and medical professionals go much further than that. A medical professional especially one who is evaluating you or treating you will look at you and everything about you and evaluate it note it like a fine tooth comb. If you are going to a doctor for Migraine Headaches they will see if you have on a strong smelling perfume, as that can be a trigger. They will ask where is the pain located and what does it feel like, because each type of headache is different, and if your symptoms don’t match why would the doctor believe you or want to give you medication?

Because the doctors learn signs and symptoms and all about pain from a textbook, they don’t live it.

A person who lives with a chronic condition or suffers from pain on the other hand lives with the pain daily or every other day or may be hit with it unexpectedly at any moment without warning.

What I am saying is that doctors learn their job and by what they are taught in school or on the job experience even when they talk to each different patient. Based on everything that a doctor probably knows they think that if we have an illness we pretty much should look like it too. Now there are some days that I don’t feel well and my goodness I don’t look well either I won’t get caught outside the house. There are days so bad I can’t get out of bed and I am lucky to feed myself. It is not usually those days that you are at the doctor because I would not feel well enough to drive to the doctor’s office in that event. It is just my thought that you don’t go out of your way to get dolled up and look your best because remember we are all human and people are visual. Many people take what they see at face value, if you look good you feel good. If you look bad you must feel bad.

I can say there are days that I look good and I feel like I am dying inside but I want to live and I also don’t want my teenage daughter to see me looking awful all the time and worrying. Other times I feel terrible and the pain is so intense and it don’t matter if I put makeup on or not people can tell I don’t feel good.

It should not be held against us if we have a disability or a disorder and have a good day and want to dress up everyone wants to enjoy life and their looking the best they can without being miss-judged.

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