Friday, October 4, 2013

"When Someone has an Illness...the Need for Communication & Touch is Even More Important Mentally & Physically


Companionship fulfilling human wants and desires are not only a wonderful emotion we all desire to experience, it is something we need. Every man and woman has a basic need for love, to feel loved and accepted unconditionally. Let us go a step beyond this and explore feelings a little deeper, a little more personal, how about intimate.

Touch, the physical touch of another person especially the opposite sex can be very healing and therapeutic. What people don’t understand is that when someone has an illness  the need for communication and touch is even more important mentally, physically and physically.

People of all ages are starving for the physical healing I call touch; it can be as simple as holding someone’s hand or as far as giving as massage. I know when I don’t feel well it is very comforting when my daughter comes and lies down beside me.  There is something about the human touch that has a healing affect not only to the heart and the soul but it lessens the pain and gives hope and encouragement. It can be as simple as touching someone’s hand while you talk to...
...them or it can be just having a conversation with someone who is starving for the time and attention of another person. It has been said that time is the most valuable thing you can give another person is your time and that is free it does not cost you a thing. Many people just need someone to talk to and that can be healing.

To a person who is not suffering a lot of pain they might not know the difference that it can make to touch or cuddle someone who is sick or suffering but to the person that is the one who is feeling the discomfort. They are so grateful and thankful to the person taking their time and energy to help them heal. Giving someone your time and love is the most valuable and most important thing you can give or share with another person. Share the love.

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